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Office Relocation Project Management

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Mitigate business downtime with our international office relocation project management service. Here's our turnkey solution.

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A seamless transition

We present a turnkey solution for businesses embarking on the journey of relocating or expanding their offices across Europe. Our dedicated team is ready to turn your office transition into a seamless and inspiring journey, diligently working to reduce disruptions at every opportunity. From orchestrating the entire process to carefully disassembling, expertly packing, securely transporting, and skillfully reassembling your items, we do it all with a passion for excellence.

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We've got it covered

We understand that not all office relocation projects can happen in quick succession. When life's twists and turns intervene, we can provide a seamless solution if required. Our dedicated team will handle your equipment and furniture with care, ensuring a well-managed office relocation process from start to finish.

Our team provides

Allow us to handle your international office relocation fit-out project. We can provide complete support at every step to help you continue with business operations smoothly and alleviate your worries.



Smooth office relocations rely on thoughtful planning and coordination. Our team are experts at managing logistics - choreographing every detail so you can focus on business as usual. We can manage IT decommissioning, secure storage, and waste disposal - seamlessly transitioning your company into its new home.


Secure Storage

Office transitions don't always happen overnight. We can provide secure, temperature-controlled storage keeping your assets safe until your new space is move-in ready. No need to stress about warehousing logistics - we can handle it seamlessly so you can focus forward. We can securely transition your assets while designing environments made to drive your team's success.


Environmental Protection

During relocations, we strive to minimize waste through responsible recycling. Our team can collect unwanted furniture and materials, giving them new life and reducing your footprint. As a B-Corp-certified, green-driven organization, our goal is to build offices that tread lightly on the planet. We make it simple to transition sustainably - securely storing the past while designing spaces that drive future success.

Frequently asked questions

What is office relocation project management?

Office relocation project management refers to the process of planning, coordinating, and executing the relocation of an office space from one location to another. It involves various tasks such as creating a project plan, managing timelines, coordinating with stakeholders, overseeing the logistics, and ensuring a smooth transition.

How does Area ensure the safety of delicate equipment?

At Area, we keep a watchful eye over your relocation to ensure your equipment is handled with care and attentiveness. We can offer the following;

  • Use IT crates with monitor screen protectors to ensure delicate items are completely protected from any damage during the moving process.
  • Confidential material is loaded into filing crates secured with seals, each with a unique serial number which we separately keep a record of to deter any tampering.
  • All servers and network switches are moved in secure flight cases.
  • Items are secured down with robust straps and protective padded blankets in moving vehicles to avoid any damage.
  • If you have other valuable items, we can build customer moving encasements, such as wooden crates, if needed.

How can we ensure relocation doesn’t impact employee productivity?

Carrying out a relocation swiftly is the best way to minimize the negative impact on your staff. A good moving team like ours will be able to tightly plan the logistics of your relocation to make it as quick as possible. We’ll even work with you to find the quietest period in your business schedule.

Agile working capabilities mean many businesses can continue the upkeep of some or all operations remotely during a relocation, so this is something to consider too.

Why is office relocation project management important?

Office relocation can be a complex endeavor with numerous moving parts. Effective project management is crucial to ensure that the relocation is executed efficiently and minimizes disruptions to business operations. It helps in maintaining timelines, managing costs, coordinating resources, and mitigating risks associated with the relocation.

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