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The beating heart of the business and the face of your brand. Harness the potential of your new international workspace with our expert office design team.

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Let's talk about your vision

The design journey begins with your vision. How does your company work? How do its teams interact with each other? We take great care in understanding your structure, goals and ultimately, your aspirations for growth, ensuring we’re sharing the right information with our expert designers. Our office space designers have a wealth of industry knowledge and experience in shaping an idea into a physical space; one that you’ll be in for years to come.

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Dedicated office design experts

As commercial office designers, we specialize in seamlessly integrating space, technology and people for maximum flexibility. Do you require a fast, cost-effective turnkey solution? We deliver - on time, every time. And we also provide bespoke, custom services to embody your vision. Our adaptability is limitless.

Our award winning design team provides

Whether you are relocating or undergoing an office renovation in Europe, we're ready to begin the journey with you - turning aspirations into inspiring office designs. As experts, we pride ourselves on crafting bespoke solutions that put your culture and values center stage. Let us transform your company through elevated design services.



Our integrated approach combines workplace consultancy, design, fit out, and furnishing into one cohesive package. We identify your goals and generate customized offices.



You can trust our consistent process from start to finish. Your dedicated project team from Area oversees each stage, providing seamless communication.



Your office is in the hands of our internationally recognized designers. We've been appointed by leading brands worldwide such as Jaguar Land Rover, Jimmy Choo, Amazon and Citrix and, through our alliances with our global partner networks, we regularly collaborate with industry specialists worldwide.



No matter where your project is based, we’re just a call, email, or visit away. From our offices based in the UK, we work with international businesses looking to establish a presence overseas or undergo an existing office re-design in Europe. We know things can change along the way, but we meet changes head-on to deliver 100% satisfaction.

Office Design FAQ’s

What is the importance of good office design?

Although it may not be obvious, good office design has always played a central part in the success of an organization in terms of ROI, productivity, innovation, sustainability, and employee satisfaction, to name a few.

We view office design as a multi-layered interaction between creative and technical aspects that feed into the behavior and performance of an organization. From the level of lighting that allows your workforce to maintain focus throughout the day, to the layout of your office that facilitates teamwork, office design can make or break your business.

How does office design affect productivity?

In a global survey conducted by Area, ‘environment’ was one of the top four factors contributing to company performance. There are many factors in office design that affect productivity, including furniture, lighting quality, color scheme, layout and zoning. Ultimately, supporting the well-being of the people using the space gives them the power to reach their potential. That’s why we always focus on human-centric design.

How can we design for a hybrid working environment?

The workplace will never be the same following our recovery from the global pandemic. The office will no longer be the default location for working. Coworking spaces become more prominent as organizations adopt different hybrid working models, and remote working is more widespread than ever before.

We’ve learned a lot from this new way of working and use our learnings to optimize the hybrid working environment. Taking on the feedback of your workforce is vital in understanding how to provide them autonomy and control over where they feel they are most productive. We think outside the box to develop solutions that put people, performance, safety, and connectivity first — giving your team the opportunities they want and need to contribute effectively.

How can we adapt our office design for a post pandemic world?

Since the global COVID-19 pandemic, it has become more important than ever for our workspaces to adapt to the challenges we face. Our workplace strategy team has chartered a path to a new people-centric agenda for health and wellness in the workplace. We focused our office designs even more on wellbeing to attain three goals: reducing stress, boosting creativity, and projecting a sense of culture and belonging in the new normal.

Can we incorporate sustainability in office design?

We’ve consistently proven our track record in sustainability, with the most SKA Gold accredited projects in the UK than any other office design and fit-out company. SKA Gold is the highest level you can achieve for sustainable development and an accolade we’re very proud to attain.

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