Commercial Interior Office Construction

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Swift commercial construction, skillfully managed and coordinated, bringing your office fit-out project to a successful finish.

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Our planning is watertight

With us, you can rest assured that disruptions will be minimal - we've got every detail meticulously planned out. In construction projects, our top priority is meeting your exact specifications. We're committed to finding innovative, adaptable solutions to tackle the challenges of workplace transformation, all while ensuring timely delivery and staying within budget. You can trust us to make your vision a reality, smoothly and efficiently.

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Stay in the loop

Once we receive the green light, we'll be working diligently with the client team, orchestrating and overseeing every facet of your construction project. We place a high premium on communication and transparency. Our track record of success and client partnerships is a testament to our exceptional service and dedication to our clients' needs.

Our team provides

Let’s put the wheels in motion to fit out the interior of your international workspace. We optimize our approach for every interior office construction project, ensuring the most efficient execution.



Our coordination with every contractor and partner is seamless, ensuring the smooth and efficient execution of your project. Your dedicated project manager serves as your primary point of contact throughout the process, keeping you well-informed and up-to-date every step of the way.



We kickstart each office construction project by defining and mutually agreeing upon a clear project scope right from the outset. This approach maximizes our productivity within the specified timeframe, ensuring your objectives are met promptly and efficiently.



Responsiveness is paramount in construction projects. As a versatile multidisciplinary design and construction firm, we have the agility to flex and adapt to your unique needs and requirements.



From the materials we specify to the construction processes and procedures we meticulously implement, our commitment is to craft sustainable solutions. Our expertise extends to identifying sustainability opportunities at every stage of your project, ensuring that environmentally conscious practices are seamlessly integrated throughout.

Office Construction FAQ’s

How can Area design and construct with a circular economy in mind?

The circular economy aims to reduce the negative impact of construction on the environment by seeking opportunities to reduce waste, use materials to their full potential, and reuse materials wherever possible. In a construction project, we can achieve this by sourcing materials responsibly, repurposing, recycling, and choosing routes to construction that minimize pollution.

How can we design and construct with Net-Zero Carbon as our main sustainability goal?

We focus on:

  • Reducing the project's emissions, including virgin materials and fossil energy demand.
  • Working on the principles of a circular economy by reducing waste material production through reuse and repurposing, as well as choosing longer-lasting, higher quality materials where possible.

What construction types and procurement routes does Area have experience with?

Our construction team brings your design to life through Area's turnkey service, delivering your concept via experienced and trusted hands. Whether you’re after a co-working space, a brand new office branch, or a build-to-lease project, we’ll see it through from design to furnishing.

We specialise in a broad range of procurement routes, including design and build, detail and build and traditional.

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