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We're a team of talented, proactive, resourceful people who love working together to see workspaces come to life.

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We help you reach your goals

Are you on a path to something brilliant? We love spotting potential in our new team members. Let us help you bring it out. Attitude, cultural fit, and growth potential are the most important when we hire a new team member. We're proud of the diversity of our team, which brings together experience and skills from a multitude of backgrounds. Start your journey with us.

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Striking a work-life balance

Our people are at the heart of what we do and are committed to their ongoing growth and fulfillment. We value a positive attitude, so keeping our workforce happy and secure is vital. We're committed to helping each of our team members find a balance between work and personal life through flexibility and adaptability.

We are


The world is filled with standard-issue workspaces, but we’re changing that one space at a time. Every business works in a unique way and has individual needs. Our people think a bit differently from others and approach challenges from new perspectives to explore innovative solutions a step ahead of our competitors.


We’re looking for ways to use our power for good in every action we make, from protecting our environment to empowering our workforce. We seek to lead by example in the hopes that other businesses will be inspired to join us in rebuilding our planet.

Relationship Builders

We recognise that our success depends on the relationships we build. Whether among our beloved team, the clients who put their visions in our hands, or the network of exceptional organizations we call partners. We believe in honest, open relationships at the foundation of any venture.


We’ve been transforming workspaces since 2000, so we know a thing or two about workspace design. Our team excels in forward-thinking innovation and industry experience.

Want to work with Area?

Can’t find the role you’re looking for? Well we're always on the lookout for talent. Why not drop our People Team a message to keep in touch.

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Our team is passionate about the workplace, which is reflected in the quality and delivery of our work

Gary Chandler
Gary Chandler
Chief Executive Officer