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With a renewed strategic vision having adopted a more hybrid way of working following the impact of COVID-19, Infosys required a more agile and flexible workplace for their team based in Frankfurt. Having delivered numerous projects for Infosys throughout the UK and mainland Europe, we have a comprehensive understanding of their business and cultural aspirations which has ensured each project is refined to articulate the very best in workplace design.

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Workplace Consultancy, Office Design, Construction


12,000 Sq ft


Frankfurt, Germany

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The brief

In a move to break free from their traditional roots, Infosys wanted to create more collaboration and social spaces to reflect their bold visual identity. We understood this vision, developing a dynamic concept with a mix of focus spaces, breakout zones, dedicated workstations and touchdown spaces to support their office-based and transient workforce.

The solution

Our design team have reimagined their workplace to create flexibility with various work settings that provide both privacy and transparency throughout the space. Intelligent furniture solutions support both quiet, focused and more collaborative and ad-hoc tasks. A new working lounge provides a mixture of swing chairs and sofas for more informal meetings and high collaboration tables for impromptu team catch ups. Enclosed furniture pods with VC capability and semi-enclosed booths also provide private space for virtual and focused working.

A new flexible drop zone adjacent to the breakout space has been reconfigured to be used as townhall space, providing a mixture of café style and soft seating options. Throughout the scheme, sliding pocket doors are used to open corridors, creating more efficient circulation around the space. Specific zones have been highlighted with a variation of flooring textures, bespoke furniture and bold colours reflecting the brands’ personality throughout.

We have worked with Infosys on several of their workplaces throughout the UK and mainland Europe and it has been a pleasure to be a part of their ongoing growth and transformation.

Lee Day
Project Director, Area
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Project insight

Based in the financial centre of Germany, the existing environment portrayed a very traditional and conservative aesthetic, with a similar approach to space utilisation – a sea of desks interspersed with cellular offices and private meeting rooms. The space no longer reflected the brand, culture and new working patterns adopted – accelerated by the pandemic.

The success of this project was attributed to the intelligent approach the design team took to remodel the space, blending creative features and finishes with the existing built environment and technical constraints associated with the mechanical infrastructure. The reimagined Infosys workplace delivers the perfect balance of client experience space and work settings, with the purpose of creating a destination for employees.

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