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Area has collaborated with one of the most iconic luxury fashion brands in the world, Jimmy Choo, to transform their London headquarters into a space that truly reflects the brand’s image and provides an inspiring and functional workplace for their employees.

The new office was crafted to embody the essence of the Jimmy Choo brand and provide a space that serves as a dynamic platform for product display and team collaboration. This project was a successful and collaborative effort between Area and fellow Fourfront Group companies 360 Workplace and Sketch Studios.

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Jimmy Choo


Consultancy & Design, Office Design, Construction


25,000 sq ft


London, UK

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The brief

Jimmy Choo is well known as a luxurious, glamourous and sophisticated brand. All their stores around the world mirror their elegant and iconic image. However, their previous London HQ needed an update to best reflect their brand. Our challenge was to create a workspace that would embody their iconic style and provide an attractive and functional environment for their employees.

Working closely with 360 Workplace, we conducted more than a dozen in-depth interviews with various departments at Jimmy Choo to better understand their people’s needs and requirements. One of the key issues we identified was that the current office space was in need of an uplift, with the reception area being a key focus area for redevelopment.

Our aim was to update the space to provide a better employee and visitor experience and reflect the Jimmy Choo brand, while also addressing issues related to team adjacencies, storage requirements, space planning, and different working styles within each department. The workplace needed to be designed to attract new talent and encourage people back into the office.

Our solution

Following interviews with key stakeholders, it was clear that our primary goal was to enhance the overall aesthetic of the office. Our mission was to create a stunning design solution that would reflect Jimmy Choo’s brand identity: a space that brings a sense of luxury, and celebrates their ‘playfully daring spirit’.

To achieve this, we created a fresh, light and subtle design that radiates elegance and class, just like Jimmy Choo’s products. With the use of muted colours and walnut finishes, the space looks homely and welcoming, yet stylish and glamourous.

One of the key features of the design was the showroom, reflecting the significance of Jimmy Choo’s products in their business. With this in mind, it was essential to create an environment that would capture the magic and essence of their stores. The showroom area was meticulously crafted to provide a taste of the immersive shopping experience customers enjoy when they visit a Jimmy Choo boutique.

The showroom serves as a space for team to gather, discuss, and showcase product development. Our design team ensured that the space was versatile and adaptable, allowing for the seamless transition between product display, model runway and brainstorm meetings.

The showroom area acts as a perfect replica of Jimmy Choo’s retail shops, featuring a range of products, including eyewear, bags, accessories, fragrances, and, of course, their iconic shoes. Just like their stores, the showroom exudes an intimate ambiance, with a warm colour palette that creates an inviting atmosphere.

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The result

When quizzed about their existing space, employees mentioned the lack of areas to breakout and socialise. As a result, the design of the new kitchen area became another crucial aspect of the workplace design.

With breath-taking views of West London, including iconic landmarks such as Battersea Power Station and Victoria Station, the new breakout area provides a perfect spot for employees to have lunch, relax and enjoy the scenery. Combining functionality and aesthetics, this space is the ideal spot for people to recharge and take a mental break from their daily tasks. Their new workplace is both elegant and functional, perfectly suited to the needs of Jimmy Choo. Our design has truly brought the brand to life and the office now provides an excellent environment for their people to work in, while also creating an impressive space for clients and visitors.

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