JAB Holdings, London

Green Wall Alley

JAB Holdings’ new London headquarters is a true representation of their brand values and identity: an elegant and sophisticated workplace with stunning panoramic views of the London skyline.

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JAB Holdings




8,000 Sq ft


London, UK

JA Bhouse

The brief

JAB Holdings were looking to reinvigorate their London office based in Paddington. The aim was to create a warm and welcoming environment for their people and clients.

Being a parent company in the consumer goods and services sector with various household brands in their portfolio such as Pret a Manger and Krispy Kreme, JAB Holdings wanted their workplace to reflect their own unique style, brand identity and rich history, by keeping at the same time a neutral and simplistic design scheme in order to future proof the space for any forthcoming brand evolution.

The design

Located on the 13 stories above Paddington, overlooking the London skyline, the design features high ceilings, abundant natural light and plenty of greenery, creating anoasis in the heart of the city. From Fritz Hansen’s timeless, classic and contemporary furniture to Mondrian inspired shelving and feature walls where their portfolio of brands is on display, the whole space represents a link to their humble beginnings.

Designed by UberRaum Architects, this project incorporated various environmentally conscious materials, including Ege Cradle to Cradle Bronze Certified carpets made from recycled water bottles.

Jab Lab
JA Bmoss

Project insight

With an aspiration to improve employees’ wellbeing, morale and productivity, various natural elements were introduced into the workplace, creating that connection between the wider world and the innate human desire to be around nature. Innovative and contemporary, living walls not only are aesthetically pleasing and make a stunning addition to the workplace, but also have extensive benefits on people’s wellbeing and mental health.

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