Eigen Tech, London

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Eigen Technologies, a leading technology company specialising in natural language processing and machine learning, sought our expertise to moderise their worklpace and foster a more collaborative environment. Our mission entailed crafting a truly transformative space, one that exuded functionality, versatility, and an inviting ambiance reminiscent of a boutique hotel.

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Eigen Tech


Workplace Consultancy, Office Design, Construction


10,000 Sq Ft



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The brief

The main objective of this project was to establish a collaborative environment that would encourage Eigen Technologies’ people to socialise and interact Our vision was to a create a space that challenged conventional office norms, instead embracing the essence of a refined boutique hotel. Drawing inspiration from this concept, our design was driven by dynamism and engagement, all while ensuring the workspace could cater to the diverse needs and work styles of its people.

With a company-wide rebrand ongoing, Eigen Technologies wanted their new office to embody a timeless aesthetic, one that would evolve beyond their currently brand identity. Through immersive design workshops, we ensured every decorative element from cushions to vases aligned harmoniously with their unique vision for the space. The result is an environment that seamlessly blends their desired timeless colour palette with a captivating representation of their brand.

The solution

Our concept included a variety of workspaces, ranging from individual workstations with adjustable desks and ergonomic chairs, to small meeting rooms with writable walls, to large multipurpose spaces that can be used for town hall meetings, presentations, as well as social events. We also designed several breakout areas and lounges with comfortable seating, coffee tables, and greenery, to promote relaxation, creativity and social interaction.

To create a timeless and sophisticated space, we proposed a neutral colour palette with subtle accents and textures, that would complement Eigen Technologies’ new brand identity without being too literal or restrictive. The main colour scheme incorporated warm greys, whites, and natural tones, with pops of blue in the upholstery, artwork, and accessories.

Our collaboration with Eigen Technologies allowed us to merge their vision with our expertise, resulting in a design solution that met their objectives while exceeding expectations. The project showcased the power of strategic design thinking, creativity, and close collaboration in creating an office space that aligns with the company's culture, promotes employee satisfaction, and supports their future growth.

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Essential to the success of this project was the creation of a focal point within the space that would not only serve as a social hub but also encourage collaboration and productivity. Recognising the importance of a central gathering area, we conceptualised and designed a vibrant hub that would act as the heart of Eigen Technologies' new workplace.

To achieve this, we envisioned a circular island bar as the centrepiece of the space. The design of the bar featured terrazzo countertops, providing a stylish and durable surface for socialising and collaborative work. Surrounding the bar, we strategically placed booths and soft seating to encourage informal discussions and spontaneous interactions among team members.

After office hours, the bar can be transformed into a social space, allowing employees to unwind,connect, and build relationships in a relaxed and inviting atmosphere. By blurring the lines between work and leisure, we created a cohesive and dynamic environment that catered to Eigen Technologies' desire for a welcoming and collaborative space.

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