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When the UK’s National Lottery operator Camelot Group were looking to update their existing office space, they took the opportunity to review their way of working. Wanting to further promote a positive working culture, the brief was to provide a workplace solution that supports employee wellbeing, encourages collaboration across teams, and benefits the business’ bottom line.

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Camelot Group


Workplace Consultancy, Office Design, Construction


95,000 Sq ft


London, UK

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The brief

Initially, a workplace appraisal was carried out by sister company 360 Workplace, to better understand how Camelot Group work as a business. The workplace study concluded that Camelot Group’s 500 employees could all fit into two of the three buildings they occupied.

The solution

Having already undergone an extensive fit-out five years earlier which included significant M&E works, the revised solution needed to minimise spend whilst maximising impact. Requiring to work round the existing architecture where possible, the newly-formed workspace was designed to integrate the existing partitions and rooms.

A cultural change was supported through intelligent design and an informed furniture selection. Encouraging collaboration and a cohesive working environment, the main tea point and service hubs were relocated to the core of each floor, providing a central area for teams to come together. Dispersing from the core, teams have been staggered outwards with groups requiring higher levels of concentration positioned on the perimeter where closed meeting rooms and more formal work settings are located.

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Project insight

James Geekie, Group Design Director at Area, commented, “This project is a fantastic example of evidence-based design. The data produced from the front-end workplace analysis process not only proved to the client that they could truly revolutionise the way they work as a business, it also allowed us to create a cutting-edge design that supports an agile workforce. Reducing space by 40,000 sq ft, the shift in their way of working has benefited the business bottom line as well. Wanting all offices to adopt a similar way of working, this project has set a framework for Camelot Group’s satellite offices across the UK.”

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