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Where gastronomy meets gaming – Oche London is already on a straight arrow path to become one of London’s hottest social destinations. Oche brings together a sensational menu, original cocktails, and a refreshed version of the classic darts game. Having enjoyed success in Norway, The Netherlands, Sweden, and Australia, and The Strand venue is the brand’s first in the UK.

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The Social Gaming Group


Consultancy & Design, Hospitality Design, Construction


4,800 Sq ft


London, UK

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The brief

Oche – after the line from where players can throw – offers a world-first experience for guests in London, introducing a unique boutique concept to set a new benchmark for future venues.

Where visionary gaming technology and hospitality collide – this notion of opposing forces is central to Oche’s identity. Our concept included themes of retreat and mystery which symbolise these opposing forces to create a balanced atmosphere. Further to this concept, our solution needed to embody luxury and elegance, translated through a variety of different elements throughout the space.

We approached this project through a series of co-created research and engagement studies to better understand Oche’s target audience and user requirements. This process of collaboration was consistent throughout the duration of the project, informed a data-led concept driven by a new strategy and brand identity for Oche and parent company, The Social Gaming Group. Oche’s reimagined London flagship debuts a sleek boutique concept, offering insight into an elevated design direction and a preview of what’s is to come in future sites.

The solution

Upon entry, exposure to the space is done gradually. Guests descend into the main restaurant and bar space from street level to accentuate the feeling of entering another world.

The entrance is a preview to the sensations and textures present throughout the restaurant and bar. This space gets its ambiance from lush foliage, natural timbers and rich gold tones wrapping the space, deepening the atmosphere of immersion, with warm light emanating from suspended halos. Even the brand’s iconic ‘O’ logo was adapted for the setting – a central swing providing guests with the perfect backdrop for those Instagrammable moments.

Walking through the space you feel as though you’ve been transported into an enchanted forest with deep green, brown and blue tones, plus a biophilic intervention to connect diners with nature, alongside a perforated partition that provides glimpses into the active kitchen.

Existing brickwork has been repurposed, playfully balanced with other modern materials and finishes, like the rich herringbone floor, emerald mosaic tiling and polished brass hardware. The sophisticated interior accentuates the contrast between raw and refined materials, a nod to the specialty ingredients on the menu. This complementary tension also exists in Oche’s sightlines, a play on the hidden and visible.

Every element of the space has been designed. One of the best touches is one completely hidden from view – the perfect ‘selfie’ spot in the toilets with a large mirror inviting guests to take out their phones and let the photoshoot begin.

We have incorporated materiality and colour to carve out separate spaces, enabling guests to find privacy – whether that be on the main dining floor, huddled around the ever-popular water vapor fire pit, or tucked away in a booth – while still maintaining a strong connection to the liveliness of the venue. This helps the space take on a variety of functions, pivoting between the comfort afforded by the ‘saloon bar’ vibe and the dynamic ambience of a bustling gastronomy experience.

Area is the sort of partner we enjoy working with. Sharing a joint vision, having robust conversations to get aligned in direction, with no egos, and then executing everything on time. Both we and our customers love the design of The Strand and we couldn’t have done it without Area

Troy Warfield
CEO, The Social Gaming Group
Web Oche photo by Tom Bird 10
Web Oche photo by Tom Bird 3

Project insight

The heart of the space is, naturally, the ‘oche’ playing areas. Framed in oak, each bookable space is furnished with contemporary finishes, including natural stone and brass hardware – a consistent materiality palette seen throughout. Ambient warm lighting and plush seating booths further serve to make the spatial experience relaxed and inviting.

Oche has been designed to suspend reality; an interior that not only evokes the senses but totally immerses guests in the experience, much like a theatre – a nod to the building’s past. Oche offers guests with a unique sensation of luxury on every visit with a design that sets the tone for those who are seeking a retreat, whether that be over lunch or late into the evening.

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