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In response to the evolving demands of the dynamic video game and interactive media industries, Keywords Studios, as a renowned multinational technical and creative services provider, sought our expertise to accomplish a remarkable undertaking - consolidating their diverse collection of UK Marketing Studios into a singular, cohesive location. Our mission was clear - to breathe life into their new two-floor space in Holborn, transforming it into an integrated and harmonious environment that would honour the privacy and security needs of the individual, studios within.

Demonstrating our unwavering commitment to excellence, we presented a compelling proposal, skilfully balancing competitive pricing and the client's budget, all without compromising on the unparalleled quality that sets us apart from competitors.

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Keywords Studios


Office Design, Construction


19,000 sq ft


London, UK

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Our collaborative journey with Keywords Studios

Throughout our collaborative journey with the Keywords Studios team, the foundation of our success lay in open communication and seamless coordination. Given the intricate task of consolidating eight distinct brands under one roof, we embraced this exciting opportunity to craft a transformative solution that catered to their diverse needs.

With a short deadline looming, we wasted no time and swiftly initiated weekly onsite meetings, fostering a strong connection with the client and enabling us to adapt and refine the design in real-time, perfectly aligning this with Keywords Studios’ vision.

Immersive Gaming Spaces: Inspiring Creativity

A centrepiece of our design philosophy revolved around capturing the essence of Keywords Studios’ brand while accommodating the unique identities of each studio under the umbrella organisation.

To create a striking first impression, the front-of-house design revolved around Keywords Studios’ signature brand blue, reflecting the prominence of the main company. Visitors are instantly greeted by an immersive reception space that seamlessly integrates the Keywords Studios branding, setting the tone for the entire office.

The vibrant blue wall adorned with logos representing all of the Marketing Studios housed under one roof, with Keywords Studios, creating a powerful sense of unity while reinforcing the collective identity they share.

The back-of-house design took a more personalised approach, meticulously incorporating each studios unique branding colours and elements. Dedicated walls for each entity became prominent design features, allowing individual studios to showcase their identity and culture.

To infuse the office environment with that gaming vibe, we curated breakout areas and a gaming room that offered employees an immersive and inspiring experience, bringing the essence of gaming culture to life.

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Achieving the Vision: A Cohesive and Functional Workspace

Navigating the challenges presented by the nature of the studios involved, we undertook a tailored interior design approach. Our aim was to create a cohesive environment that fostered collaboration and productivity while safeguarding each studios privacy and identity.

Strategic shared spaces and collaborative zones were thoughtfully identified to encourage cross-team interaction and idea exchange. Simultaneously, closed office spaces were seamlessly integrated, enabling the studios to operate independently.

Through our shared dedication and ingenuity, we accomplished a stunning transformation, turning Keywords Studios' vision into a vibrant reality that empowers their individual studios while uniting them under a common banner of success.

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